Data Management, Science Working Group 8

The overarching goal of HAO’s Working Group #8 is to identify and serve our community by providing high-value, timely data that is easily accessible and usable. The working group has divided this mission into four objectives:

  1. Ensure timely provision of standards-compliant model output and calibrated data to the community.
  2. Develop user-friendly interfaces for data analysis and interpretation that can tackle the complexity of state of the art observations and model output.
  3. Identify our community by understanding the people that benefit from our scientific work e.g. data and models.
  4. Actively connect community with our news and data.

The High Performance Storage System (HPSS) archives the most important data owned by HAO. Major changes in the hardware and policies for the HPSS began to be discussed in 2017 and are currently being implemented, with the new system coming online in summer 2020. SWG-8 and the HPSS Task Force are monitoring this transition and communicating the new policies to HAO to ensure that HAO data is not lost.

Policy changes from NCAR/CISL will require that data stored on the HPSS to be registered with Digital Assets Services Hub (DASH), a data portal for making NCAR datasets, publications, software, and models available to the wider scientific community. SWG-8 has been collecting the metadata for our archival datasets required for inclusion in DASH, as well as creating Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for these datasets. SWG-8 is also working with the DASH team in an effort to group HAO entries together to increase discoverability.

The working group is also helping individual HAO scientists to share data used in their publications to meet increasingly strict journal requirements. SWG-8 has created a simple set of steps for scientists to follow to navigate NCAR-wide data publication processes.