Providing University Students Access to the Resources of NCAR (GVP)

The Advanced Study Program provides university graduate students and their advisors with access to NCAR resources through the Graduate Visitor Program (GVP). The program, now in its eleventh year, was created in response to multiple requests from NCAR scientific staff for graduate student support. It was also developed in response to university community requests for access to NCAR resources and facilities that are not available at a university. ASP recognized the need to establish a program that would sponsor a significant number of meaningful visits and collaborations with graduate students and their advisors. The GVP responds to that need.

The Graduate Visitor Program provides NCAR scientific staff with opportunities to bring graduate students to NCAR for -3-12-month collaborative visits. These visits are undertaken with the endorsement and complementary support of the graduate students' thesis advisors. While residing at NCAR, the students conduct research in pursuit of their thesis requirements. The students receive support to cover their travel and living expenses in Boulder. Funding is also provided to allow the students' advisors to visit NCAR for a period of up to two weeks. The students' home institutions continue to pay the students' salary, benefit, and tuition expenses while they are in residence at NCAR.

The ASP made 26 awards in the GVP program as a result of our FY2019 GVP competition. ASP supported over 110 months of GVP student and advisor visits in 2019.

The Graduate Visitor Program is becoming more popular every year. The ASP recognizes that students and their advisors are the bridge builders between NCAR and the university community. The ASP contends that the Graduate Visitor Program will seed significant and long-term collaborations. This program helps to extend NCAR capabilities by bringing students on-site to work on research of mutual interest and by providing NCAR scientific staff with the opportunities to participate in graduate student research and education. Through this program, NCAR increases its contribution to the education of the next generation of scientists, researchers, and faculty. In turn, the graduate students help invigorate NCAR and their home institutions. Finally, the Graduate Visitor Program provides opportunities to partner with universities and engage Ph.D. students from underrepresented groups in NCAR research activities. The ASP anticipates that the program will help diversify the future workforce at NCAR and in the geosciences professoriate and research communities.