Data services

NCAR management has recognized the need to make research data discoverable and publicly accessible in a unified way across the organization. Through the Data Stewardship Engineering Team (DSET), CAS staff have led the development of a metadata standard for CESM2 experiments and integrated this information with the CESM Experiments Database. CESM2 experiments are now discoverable on DASH Search and on Google’s DataSet Search, which means that any experiment can be located quickly and efficiently by any researcher around the world.

This ability represents a milestone for CGD and NCAR. CAS staff continue to lead projects that enable community science. Publishers and funders increasingly demand that data supporting publications be open access and readily discoverable. Towards this end, we have guided the development of the DASH Repository, a standards-compliant archive for the publication and preservation of research data. Finally, we continue to nurture and expand the Climate Data Guide, a website devoted to communicating the strengths, limitations and applications of the observational datasets that are used to evaluate, initialize, and drive Earth System Models.


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