CGD Directors Message

CGD Laboratory Director, Jean-François Lamarque
CGD Laboratory Director, Jean-François Lamarque

The 2019 CGD-Laboratory Annual Report (CGD-LAR) highlights some examples of the excellent results produced by laboratory staff during the last fiscal year. These research results significantly contribute to the CGD mission:

To discover the key processes of the Earth’s climate system and to understand the interactions among them; to represent the knowledge in community models that effectively utilize computing advances; and to apply these models and observations to scientific problems of societal relevance.

This CGD-LAR focuses on activities that fall within the two NCAR Imperatives that most align with the CGD Strategic Plan; namely, Imperative 1 – Conduct innovative fundamental research to advance the atmospheric and related sciences; Imperative 3 – Develop, deliver, and support a suite of advanced community models. They span a broad of atmospheric, ocean, polar, and terrestrial science related to past, present, and future climates, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the Laboratory.

CGD does contribute significantly to other Imperatives, and in particular – educate and train a talented and diverse group of students and early career professionals. Related activities such as workshops and tutorials tend to be ongoing and are, therefore, described in the websites of both CGD and of the Community Earth System Model, CESM. In particular, the most up-to-date version of CESM (CESM2) was released in June 2018. This version is currently being used for CMIP6 simulations (among others), for which many of the generated datasets are already available to the community through the Earth System Grid. Many contributions in FY20 will focus on discussing those simulations throughout the research community. The correspondence between the CGD contributions to NCAR Imperatives and the CGD mission statement is not coincidental, but reflects the central role of CGD within NCAR.

The Report is organized along 5 general topics, providing an overview of topics that are relevant to climate over timescales of years to decades. The themes are consistent with the CGD overall mission, but also emphasize the development of two laboratory-wide themes: extremes and Earth-system prediction.