Building Partnerships with University Faculty

The ASP established the Faculty Fellowship (FFP) program in 2005 with the goal of funding medium-to long-term collaborative visits between the NCAR scientific staff and the university community. The program provides opportunities for university faculty to spend 3-12 months at NCAR. University faculty may also bring graduate students with them to NCAR. The FFP provides support for travel costs, temporary living per diem, and graduate student expenses.

In FY18, applicants submitted proposals and budgets for 3- to 12-month visits that occurred between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2020. ASP received 8 viable applications. Four applicants were extended offers for visits as a result. Included with the faculty visits were two visits made by students.  An additional Faculty Fellowship Program offer was extended to a faculty member at Jackson State University to create a new cross-institutional partnership between NCAR and Jackson State.

The program gives university faculty an opportunity to take advantage of their National Center in a meaningful and productive way, while providing unique research opportunities for the accompanying graduate students.