6C: Joint Modeling Initiative between the GEOS-Chem and NCAR teams

A joint meeting involving the international GEOS-Chem community as well as scientists from several NCAR Laboratories met at NCAR in July 2018 to discuss how to join efforts in the future. Models become increasingly comprehensive and complex, but at the same time must be flexible to address a multitude of different scientific questions. The development of modular community modeling infrastructures will facilitate that the community integrates their physical and chemical modules to perform simulations.

In the first step of the planned project, the GEOS-Chem will be coupled to the current version of CESM. It will allow GEOS-Chem to be used for long simulations in which the atmospheric chemical species interact with processes (e.g., emissions, deposition) represented in the CESM land and ocean modules. Since ACOM is developing a new modular atmospheric chemistry modeling system called MUSICA, which is linked to the CESM modules, the GEOS-Chem community is invited in a second step to join this community effort. A proposal to NSF with Daniel Jacob from Harvard as Principal Investigator together with Louisa Emmons from NCAR and Lizzie Lundgren from MIT has been submitted.