Director's Message

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William Mahoney - RAL Interim Director

Welcome to the Research Applications Laboratory's Annual Report for FY2017. Our mission is to conduct use-inspired research that contributes to the depth of fundamental understanding of the atmosphere and its interaction with society, and to develop and transfer knowledge and technology that expands the reach of atmospheric science and contributes to the betterment of life on Earth. We are, at present, an organization with annual expenditures of approximately $30M and a transdisciplinary staff comprised of nearly 200 scientists, software engineers, mathematicians, geographers, physicists, management/administration, and many personnel with expertise in other disciplines.

RAL continues to make substantial contributions to the atmospheric science research community and the capabilities we develop support the global weather, water, and climate enterprise. Our efforts are recognized within UCAR/NCAR and beyond and we are proud that several staff members received internal and external awards in 2017. Olga Wilhelmi and Jennifer Boehnert won the UCAR Diversity Award for their work in the creation and implementation of the workshop series, Broadening Participation in the Interdisciplinary Geosciences: Hands-on Training and Education. Bruce Carmichael won the UCAR Education and Outreach Award for his sustained efforts to educate students, air traffic controllers, pilots, and the general public about aviation meteorology and the need for improved weather awareness. Andrew Monaghan, Daniel Steinhoff, Olga Wilhelmi, Mary Hayden, and several external collaborators won the UCAR Publication Award for the paper titled, “On the seasonal occurrence and abundance of the Zika virus vector mosquito Aedes aegypti in the contiguous United States, 2016. PLoS Currents: Outbreaks, 1, doi:10.1371/currents.outbreaks.50dfc7f46798675fc63e7d7da563da76. The UCAR Scientific and Technical Advancement Award went to the National Water Model development team which includes, David Gochis, Roy Rasmussen, Wei Yu, Aubrey Dugger, James McCreight, Logan Karsten, Arezoo Rafieei Nasab, David Yates, Laura Read, Michael Barlage, Kevin Sampson, Linlin Pan, Yongxin Zhang, Andy Gaydos, Molly McAllister, Joe Mills, Andrew Newman, Andrew Wood, and Katelyn Fitzgerald. We are very proud of these accomplishments as well as those reflected in this year’s Annual Report.

I hope you will enjoy this year’s Report. As in the past, it follows the outline of our current RAL Strategic Plan, providing details on our many accomplishments over the past year and our plans for the future.