WRF development

WRF Physics Suites

After a long process of idea development, community discussion, and testing and documentation, MMM formally implemented physics suites for WRF in 2017.  Physics suites are sets of physics options that perform well for an application and that are supported by a sponsoring group.  The aims of suites are to better guide WRF users, to improve understanding of model behavior and performance, and to facilitate physics advancement.  WRF physics suites are described at http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/wrf_physics_suites.php.

The first approved suite is the NCAR convection-permitting suite, and its physics configuration is as follows.

  • Thompson microphysics scheme
  • Tiedtke cumulus scheme
  • MYJ PBL scheme
  • Noah LSM
  • RRTMG shortwave radiation scheme     
  • RRTMG longwave radiation scheme