Risk communication

In today's world, hazardous weather prediction, communication, and information interpretation and use are rapidly evolving processes that intersect across space, time, and society. To help meteorologists understand and engage with this complex system, MMM researchers and collaborators synthesized knowledge across atmospheric science, computer and information science, and social sciences to develop a new framework for conceptualizing hazardous weather prediction, risk communication, and decision making in the modern information environment. The framework is providing a foundation for interdisciplinary research that uses novel approaches to advance understanding of this complex system and the processes within it (Morss et al. 2017).

Risk Comm figure

Simplified depiction of several of the processes that intersect to form the modern dynamic hazard information system, for the example of an approaching hurricane. (From Morss et al. 2017)

Morss, R. E., J. L. Demuth, H. Lazrus, L. Palen, C. M. Barton, C. A. Davis, C. Snyder, O. V. Wilhelmi, K. M. Anderson, D. A. Ahijevych, J. Anderson, M. Bica, K. R. Fossell, J. Henderson, M. Kogan, K. Stowe, and J. Watts, 2017: Hazardous weather prediction and communication in the modern information environment. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (to appear Dec 2017).