Rising Voices

The Rising Voices: Collaborative Science with Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Solutions program facilitates cross-cultural approaches for adaptation solutions to extreme weather and climate events, climate variability and climate change. The program brings social and physical scientists and engineers together with Native American community members to assess critical community needs and to pursue joint research aimed at developing optimal plans for community action towards sustainability. Indigenous communities are particularly adversely affected by weather and climate impacts.

Under Rising Voices social and physical scientists work together and in full partnership with community members to follow cultural protocols and understand community needs and priorities. Research collaborations are pursued that would not be possible by physical scientists, social scientists, or communities in isolation. In addition to including diverse disciplines and communities, Rising Voices also emphasizes participation of Indigenous students and early career scientists. This is an important step in rectifying the considerable underrepresentation of Indigenous populations in atmospheric sciences, decision making, and policy efforts in the United States.

During this past year NCAR successfully hosted the fifth Rising Voices workshop 13-15 April, 2017 for which Rising Voices partnered with the NGO Cultural Survival to increase participation for people from around the world, including Central and South American, Sweden, Chad, and New Zealand.  A group photo is shown below.

Rising Voices Workshop Group photo