Global Resilience Improvement Program (Risk modeling)

In this digital era, gaining access to data is both the gateway to innovative science discoveries and a major stumbling block to scientific breakthroughs. GRRIT, the Global Risk Resilience and Impacts Toolbox, provides a solution for researchers to manage this problem by providing access to data in a manner that is repeatable, consistent, and defensible. Created by scientists at the Capacity Center for Climate and Weather Extremes (C3WE), GRRIT provides a simple, intuitive approach to facilitating data discovery and information flow to scientists and societal groups, with the goal of improving understanding of - and resilience to - extreme climate and weather events. Developed in collaboration with the research and broader C3WE community, GRRIT tools use a cloud-based framework to interrogate large, complex data sets stored in geographically remote and diverse archives. Data queries are delivered back to end users, with results displayed via a leading visualization and analysis support system.

In FY2017 scientists continued to strengthened collaborations with societal partners through ECEP and Rising Voices. Through new partnerships with EarthCube and Tableau, C3WE scientists launched a new front-end for GRRIT that will provide a fully interactive visualization system (see figure). New parallel back-end capabilities that will dramatically increase the speed at which data is accessed are also in development.

Risk modeling image
New application site of the Cyclone Damage Potential (CDP) Index. Showing here a comparison of a number of 2005 cyclones (Irene, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita and Wilma). Available at: