Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership (ECEP)

MMM scientists established the Capacity Center for Climate and Weather Extremes (C3WE), in 2016C3WE’s mission is to “Providing world-class scientific leadership in weather and climate extremes”.

Through fundamental research C3WE transforms our understanding of the physical mechanisms, characteristics and predictability of weather and climate extremes from local to global, and sub-seasonal to multi-decadal scales. C3WE is uniquely positioned to engage and connect multi-disciplinary expertise across NCAR, the university community, and public and private industry. This collaborative approach produces new understanding of extreme events and educates and entrains an exceptional and diverse workforce.

ECEP Photo

We encourage and support collaboration between C3WE researchers and foreign and domestic researchers at universities, private institutes, and governmental agencies for research of mutual interest. In addition to hosting external visitors (both short- and long-term), we support students and those early in their careers through mentoring programs such as SOARS, serving as PhD supervisors, and hosting tutorials.

C3WE comprises academic, private, public and community organizations dedicated to enabling and supporting collaboration, research, education, workforce development, and creation of actionable tools that supports the development of a global culture of resilience to weather and climate extremes based on cutting-edge science and distributed information technology. C3WE contains three programs: The Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership (ECEP®), which promotes two-way discussions across diverse societal and expertise perspectives; Rising Voices combines indigenous people’s knowledge, practices, and priorities with climate science in support of adaptation planning; and, the Global Risk Resilience and Impacts Toolbox (GRRIT®), aids society in reducing weather and climate impacts, building economic resilience, and improving disaster recovery.

Details of the major accomplishments achieved under the umbrella of this program is available in the Regional Climate Modeling, ECEP, Global Resilience Improvement Program and Rising Voices sections.