Executive Summary

The ability to make observations of the atmosphere, Earth System, and Sun is fundamental to achieving the science goals of NSF, NCAR, and our scientific community. When established, NCAR was charged with providing for the community of atmospheric scientists observing facilities and services that are too large and expensive to be operated by a single university group and are thus best managed and operated centrally.  A significant portion of this charge to NCAR now rests with the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL), which defines its mission to be:

To develop and deploy observing facilities and provide data services needed to advance scientific understanding of the Earth System.

EOL’s activities are framed in the context of this mission statement, and are further encapsulated in our “Four Ds”: Deployment, Development, Data and Discovery. This annual report describes the efforts we undertook in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 to carry out the objectives described in our Strategic Plan.