Pursue a vigorous visitor program

CVP collaboration
CISL TDD visitor Martin Schreiber (right) attends the IMAGe Theme-of-the-Year (TOY) workshop on Multiscale Geoscience Numerics. Dr. Schreiber is visiting from the University of Exeter in the UK, and his research on parallel-in-time computational methods is improving the potential acceleration of geophysical fluid simulations on today’s supercomputers.

The CISL Visitor Program (CVP) was overhauled and redesigned for 2016 and beyond. The main purpose of this reorganization was to provide a more formal approach for allocating visitor resource funds over a broader spectrum of CISL’s program activities in IMAGe, OSD, and TDD. In doing so, CVP fosters collaborative projects with academia as well as the public and private sectors of the national economy – projects that are of strategic value to NCAR and in alignment with CISL’s mission in research, education, and service.

The CVP promotes scientific and professional visits to enhance the productivity of CISL staff, visiting researchers, and other professionals. Further, it enriches the training of students, post-doctoral researchers, and early-career scientists and engineers. With the redesign of the program, collaborative projects are encouraged in a much broader range of fields than was supported by CISL’s previous visitor program. These include, but are not limited to, climate variability and impacts, optimizing supercomputing applications, computational mathematics, geostatistics, data assimilation, data curation, data science, facility engineering and management, computer networking, scientific visualization, cybersecurity, and much more.

The CISL Visitor Program (CVP) brings university faculty, researchers, and students to NCAR to foster collaborations with CISL staff by providing travel and living expenses for stays of up to three months. These extended visits establish strong relationships that can lead to long-term collaborations. For many visitors, CVP represents a unique opportunity to interact with NCAR scientists. It focuses on two-week to 12-week visits. Applications are accepted between January and March, then they are formally reviewed for alignment with CISL’s strategic goals. Funding is capped based on budgetary constraints.

In FY2017, the CVP funded 12 visitors, approximately 50% from the U.S. and 50% from countries spanning four continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. CISL staff from all three divisions, IMAGe, OSD, and TDD, was involved in hosting visitors from three main research communities: academia, industry, and government labs. In these communities, visitors ranged from Senior Scientists/Engineers to Ph.D. students. Their research at NCAR provided collaborative opportunities and education at all career levels.

The CVP is supported by NSF Core funds, with supplemental funding from other sources if available.