Perform community outreach

NWSC visitors
A young scientist examines a tornado simulator in a bottle at the NWSC Open House on 12 August 2017. About 250 attendees participated in educational activities at the event.

Outreach is a conduit through which other goals are reached. Examples include integrating education and research, broadening participation, and developing the future workforce. Enhancing outreach activities increases NCAR’s connection with our university community, students, interns, and future employees at all levels.

In general, the goals for our outreach programs include: Reach a larger and broader audience; Develop our message to be more impactful and compelling; More effectively communicate our accomplishments and the benefits of working in CISL.

Students and the public were educated and inspired by the NWSC facilities, computers, and science. In FY2017, 14 school groups with nearly 300 students visited the NWSC. In addition, the center has received 21 non-school groups, with a total of over 500 members. The NWSC hosted 1,551 total visitors in FY2017, for a total of 9,629 since opening in 2012. CISL honored four students with awards and scholarships at the Wyoming State Science Fair.

On August 12, 2017 the NWSC hosted a public open house in collaboration with the City of Cheyenne’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. Nearly 250 attendees enjoyed the Visitor Center, facility tours, and educational activities. Interactive activities included robot races and Google Glass demos facilitated by students from the University of Wyoming, Meteo-AR demonstrations with CISL staff, and various hands-on science discovery activities run by members of UCAR’s SciEd staff.

These efforts are supported by NSF Core funds, with supplemental funding supplied by other sources as appropriate.