Engage students and faculty through educational activities

Numerous workshops, seminars, and summer schools have brought a steady stream of mathematical and computer scientists to NCAR – often for the first time – and these have led to collaborations, influence on graduate student research, and a broader awareness of research that can be applied to the geosciences.

Numerics TOY
The workshop brought together scientists from government labs and universities to explore state-of-the-art numerics for improving climate and weather forecasting.

An important part of CISL’s educational portfolio is the Theme-of-the-Year (TOY), a year-long focus on an aspect of applied mathematics for the geosciences designed to advance research and education between the mathematics and the geosciences communities. Typically the TOY sponsors a series of workshops or schools along with a visitor program that coordinates with NCAR science groups and partners with other mathematics institutes. The TOY event for FY2017 was the Workshop on Multiscale Geoscience Numerics that brought together early-career researchers who are developing numerical methods for possible applications in the geosciences, with emphasis on multiscale phenomena. This workshop was a venue where applied and computational mathematicians can discuss novel techniques that will advance the predictive capability of different geosystems. Examples included high-order methods, time-stepping methods, fast elliptic solvers, handling irregular and changing geometries, fast transform methods, mesh-free methods, adaptive refinement schemes, and discontinuous media. The development of computational methods that lend themselves easily to parallelization on heterogeneous architectures is also of particular interest.

IMAGe’s Theme of the Year activities in FY2017 were supported by NSF Core funding.