Postdoctoral Fellowships

ASP serves as a catalyst for burgeoning research that spans NCAR activities. The most important ASP component is the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, which has been a part of NCAR for fifty years and has sponsored over 500 postdoctoral scientists’ research. The ASP appoints approximately 10 new postdoctoral scientists each year. During their two-year NCAR appointments, fellows benefit from the opportunity to work with NCAR scientists, from exposure to the breadth of science at NCAR, and from the independence they are encouraged to develop. Many former fellows now occupy prominent positions at UCAR universities or at NCAR, and many of the present collaborations between NCAR and university scientists derive from associations that developed in the postdoctoral program.

Group photo of the ASP postdocs

In FY17, the ASP appointed 9 new fellows (from over 120 applications) in a diversity of disciplines spanning the NCAR activities. 

Cyrus Abari working on his instrument

In FY17, five ASP fellows became faculty members at Woods Hole, Pennsylvania State University, University of Colorado, Denver, University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Connecticut.

The ASP aims to create a meaningful experience not only for ASP fellows, but for all fellows at NCAR. As part of this plan, NCAR/ASP is a sustaining member of the National Postdoctoral Association.

In FY2018, ASP plans to continue the core elements of the program, including monthly seminars, regular research reviews, regular career development activities, monthly teas and the Thompson Lecture Series along with the annual research planning sessions and on-going mentoring that all ASP postdocs receive.