Numerical Weather Prediction

Over the past several decades, RAL has developed and deployed complex computer-based operational systems for analyzing and forecasting climate and weather at high resolution worldwide. This development is built upon the Laboratory’s deep foundation of applied scientific research and engineering.  Systems and their products are tailored to each project to maximize the benefit to the sponsors and end-users.  For example, improved analyses and forecasts at Army test ranges saves millions of tax dollars by identifying when weather suitable for testing will occur, and improves safety by predicting conditions that would be hazardous to personnel and materiel. Other domestic and international projects include forecasting for wind farms at resolutions that can approximate large eddies within the atmosphere’s boundary layer; new, innovative ways to supply models with current observations from radar ; and exploring how urban development affects the weather, and how that weather in turn affects the health of people living in urban areas.  In this section of the Annual Report, we describe our work in the following areas: