Frontier IV

Develop new calibration and testing facilities, including testbed capabilities, for the community, either in collaboration with other agencies or specifically for NSF-supported research 

New Cal lab chamber

This year EOL welcomed a new altitude/temperature environmental test chamber to its Calibration Laboratory. The combination of altitude and temperature available with the chamber provides a simulation of real-life conditions and will allow for testing of instrumentation on the ground, verses an aircraft, in a controlled environment. The chamber has an altitude range of seal level to 30,480 m (100,000 ft) and temperature range of -73°C to 177°C.  EOL put the new chamber to the test in summer 2016 by testing dropsonde sensors and the Global Hawk launcher in preparation for the SHOUT campaign.  The launcher sits in an unpressurized compartment on the NASA Global Hawk where the typical flight altitude is 60,000 feet and extremely cold. This testing was valuable to verify proper operation of the system in real flight conditions without having to fly a plane.