Perform community outreach

Outreach is a conduit through which other goals are reached. Examples include integrating education and research, broadening participation, and developing the future workforce. Enhancing outreach activities increases NCAR’s connection with our university community, students, interns, and future employees at all levels. In general, the goals for enhancing our outreach programs include: Reach a larger and broader audience; Develop our message to be more impactful and compelling; Communicate our accomplishments and the benefits of working in CISL more effectively.

Wyoming educators at NWSC
On January 15, 2016 23 teachers and administrators from the Wyoming Department of Education visited for a tour of the NWSC.

Students and the public were educated and inspired by the NWSC facilities, computers, and science. In FY2016, 16 school groups with more than 350 students visited the NWSC. In addition, the center has received 27 non-school groups, with a total of nearly 300 members. The NWSC hosted 1,311 total visitors in FY2016, for a total of 8,069 since opening in 2012. In FY 2016, the Pi in The Sky (PinTS) program inspired two summer events in Wyoming: “Robotics, Applied Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Design” (RAMPED) and “Engineering Summer Program for Teachers” (ESP4T). Adding the University of Wyoming as a PinTS partner proved very productive, resulting in over 80 K-12 teachers from around the state learning how to incorporate Raspberry Pis in their school curriculum. CISL honored five students with awards and scholarships at the Wyoming State Science Fair.

These efforts are supported by NSF Core funds, with supplemental funding supplied by other sources as appropriate.