Partner with vendors to provide technology for NCAR science

CISL maintains close contacts with High Performance Computing (HPC), networking, and related vendors as a way of providing information to them regarding the computational requirements of the Earth System sciences and to track technology. To this end, CISL maintains up-to-date nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) with HPC-related vendors that allow CISL to keep abreast of the latest technical developments and plans in this fast-moving industrial space. CISL also occasionally makes sole-source purchases or receives loaner equipment or software products from vendors for evaluation and testing purposes under these agreements.

CISL’s HPC Futures Lab is an important facility that houses much of this equipment, thus enabling CISL to efficiently manage the complex task of keeping abreast of technological developments and innovations. Many of these relationships with vendors go deeper, developing into partnerships with shared R&D goals and benefits. More details appear in the Research and technical collaborations section of this annual report.

These activities are supported with NSF Core funds.