Outreach activities

Outreach is a gateway activity: it is the conduit through which other goals are reached. Examples include integrating education and research, broadening participation, and workforce development. Enhancing these activities offers opportunities to better connect with our user community, students, and future employees at all levels. In general, the goals for enhancing our outreach programs include:

  • Reach a larger and broader audience.

  • Develop our message to be more impactful and compelling.

  • Communicate our accomplishments and the benefits of working in CISL more effectively.

CISL’s outreach program supports CISL’s education imperative for outreach: to actively attract qualified candidates, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. This work fulfills CISL’s strategic action item to expand outreach activities at conferences that enable CISL to effectively interact with our user community, students, and potential employees. Conference outreach also contributes to CISL’s educational imperatives for workforce training and development, and for broadening participation.

These efforts are supported by NSF Core funds, with supplemental funding supplied by other sources as appropriate.