Mesa Lab Computing Facility

The Mesa Lab Computing Facility (MLCF) has been repurposed to house the majority of the enterprise-class IT equipment for NCAR and UCAR. It will therefore continue providing significant value to researchers for many years into the future.

At present, the MLCF provides servers and services for NCAR divisions and UCAR programs including ACOM, CGD, CISL, COSMIC, F&A, Globe, HAO, IIS, JOSS, and RAL.

CISL, along with UCAR Facilities Management, Safety, and Sustainability (FMS&S), completed a master planning effort for the MLCF in FY2015. Late in FY2015, the effort shifted to a design and phasing plan that divides the MLCF upgrade into three phases. Construction documents should be complete early in FY2016.

During FY2015, CISL worked with FMS&S to develop a plan for upgrading and right-sizing the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system at the MLCF. The current UPS systems will reach their end-of-service life in calendar year 2016, and support plus spare parts will likely become difficult to procure. Completing this work is consistent with the master plan and removes a significant item from the critical path and simplifies the coordination required during any MLCF construction.

Funding for the MLCF is supported by UCAR overhead funding out of the UCAR Communications pool.