CISL supercomputer user services

CISL has a strategic commitment to provide robust, accessible, and innovative services and resources to researchers in the atmospheric and related sciences, including the broad university community, Climate Simulation Laboratory (CSL) users, NCAR researchers, and University of Wyoming users. As part of that commitment, CISL provides its users with responsive and knowledgeable support services. CISL’s success in supporting scientific goals and enabling scientific impact depends in equal measure on understanding the needs and research objectives of its user community, and on integrating CISL’s resources, capabilities, and services in response to those needs. Our success can be measured in part by the high demand for current and future CISL resources in FY2015.

NCAR is one of only a small number of institutions with the resources and support services necessary to conduct high-end climate research, model development, and support for field campaigns. As a discipline-specific computing center, CISL is able to provide the capabilities and skill sets required to support important computational campaigns with on-demand resources that include those driven by unfolding natural disasters.

In FY2015, CISL user services expanded its efforts in working with NCAR developers to improve the performance of NCAR’s flagship models and contributed benchmarking and technical expertise to inform and evaluate the NWSC-2 procurement process. CISL user services also continued to enhance the production Yellowstone environment, supported Yellowstone users as the system delivered ongoing daily utilization in excess of 95%, and increased training opportunities to help users make effective use of this powerful resource.

This work supports CISL’s computing imperative to provide hardware cyberinfrastructure customized for the atmospheric and related sciences. This ongoing service for users is supported by NSF Core funds including CSL funding.