CISL participation in the HPC community

As part of its leadership role in the High Performance Computing (HPC) community, CISL organizes, hosts, or participates in several large-scale conferences. Through this participation, CISL fosters the interchange of ideas, technical information, best practices, and research findings. In addition to participation in relevant conferences when topics and CISL interests intersect, CISL regularly engages the HPC community via the following conferences:

  • SC conferences: CISL is a longtime participant in the IEEE and ACM-sponsored Supercomputing (SC) conference series, the premier HPC event in the United States. CISL staff members participate on organizing and event committees, organize Birds of a Feather sessions, operate an NCAR exhibit booth on the conference floor, routinely submit technical papers to this conference, and participate in the design, implementation, and operation of SCinet. CISL also participates in the SC Student Job Fair, a prime venue for meeting employee candidates from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in careers in HPC and related scientific fields.

  • XSEDE Annual Conference: CISL participates in the XSEDE program’s annual conference by attending, presenting papers, and participating on committees where appropriate.

  • iCAS conference: To foster international dialogue by peer centers, CISL hosts the popular International Computing in Atmospheric Sciences (iCAS) conference every two years under NSF sponsorship, with the most recent event taking place in September 2015. CAS brings together international colleagues to discuss information technology advances and the transformative infrastructure that allows scientists to investigate atmospheric research as part of understanding the Earth System.

  • RMACC HPC Symposium: As a member of the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium (RMACC), CISL engages with students and researchers from other HPC providers in the region by attending, participating in the conference organization, and presenting posters and invited talks. The fifth annual RMACC Symposium in August 2015 attracted hundreds of registered participants to a series of lectures, tutorials, and affinity group discussions at the CU Boulder campus. CISL representatives gave presentation and led discussions on “HPC Debugging Techniques,” and three CISL-sponsored students won prizes in the Symposium’s poster competition.

  • SEA Conference: Members of CISL’s CSG currently hold several committee positions, including chair, for UCAR’s Software Engineering Assembly (SEA). With FY2015 marking its fourth year, SEA’s annual conference has evolved from a primarily local event into a widely attended scientific computing event with roughly half its speakers and half its 160 attendees from outside of UCAR. This year, CISL’s RSVP program and NCAR’s Advanced Study Program provided travel support for 16 speakers and 12 students from minority-serving institutions and institutions from EPSCoR states.

This work is supported by NSF Core funding and augmented by registration fees and sponsor donations.